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A. Selmatiles provides product design and customization services. B. Selmatiles can provide interior design and construction drawing scheme and material selection. C. Selmatiles can provide private customization and design solutions for home products. D. Bathroom products can provide OEM production and design. E. Selmatiles provides a matching scheme for the overall home system of private villas and high-end residences. Construction and site design guidance can be arranged in China.

Design Service

1. For the purchase of engineering products, Selma ceramic tiles can provide the corresponding design scheme for reference. 2. For our glazed tiles for home decoration, you can find the appropriate design materials, interior design schemes or ready-made sample room effects on the selmatiles website. 3. Selmatiles dealers in other cities or countries need to redecorate the exhibition hall to show our new products, and Selma tile provides decoration design solutions.


For projects that require a large number of tiles and have special requirements for size and surface effect, Selma tiles can provide customized services. For ordinary ceramic tiles, we will send samples to customers for confirmation within 7-10 days after receiving customer's design drawings or physical objects. After receiving the customer's confirmation, we will carry out the production within 15-20 days. During the production process, we will conduct the final test on the service parts of the samples in advance and send them to the customers for confirmation. Only when we get the customer's approval, can we carry out mass production. In the production process, Selma ceramic tile quality control department will control the product quality on site. In addition, if the customer designates quality control personnel for on-site guidance, we will be very welcome.


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