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The DREAM series comes from selmatiles own design, which combines surface cracks and 3D mold effects to create a three-dimensional and often linear feel, especially in the bathroom.

Finish: NaturalUsing Field:Scene Effect: Indoor GroundTechnical CharacteristicsNational Standard(Gb/T4100 - 2015)

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SIZE: 12’X24’ /300X600mm / 12’x12’ /300x300mm/ 6’X12’ /150X300mm

  • V1Low
  • V2Moderate
  • V3High
  • V4Random

*The fine porcelain with easy match color and natural stone texture, has the naturally decoration effects and could match the space combination for every style.Due To Printing The Relationship May Be Different From The Actual Product Color.
Please Prevail In Kind.


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